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Hi! Thank you for visiting Warrior Woman Co. I'm Kelli, and I own WWCo Designs and WWCo Press. I started this company about 5 years ago in order to make and design products that spoke to women's empowerment. I want women to feel like they can take on the world when they browse through my products.

What does "take on the world" mean? Well, we live in a highly patriarchal world that often makes us feel "less than" for the things we love. That means anything from wearing your feminism on a t-shirt to using a fancy crochet hook to craft the things you love. Female empowerment comes from feeling strong in whatever you decide to do. There are no wrong answers when it comes to empowerment.

Why is empowerment so important to me? Well, that's pretty personal, and there is a long answer to it...but I'll try to make it succinct. I grew up with a constant pull of two messages. I was smart, so I needed to go to college. Great. I was all good there. But I also grew up with the message that college was great, and I would do great things, but that I wouldn't be complete without a spouse and kids to take care of me.

Except I take care of me. I didn't want to rely on anyone else to make me feel complete. I didn't have that empty hole, so why did it need to be filled?

And as I came to those realizations, I met other women that were just like me. Not empty, but being told they were because they weren't living this life we were told we needed. I then made it my mission to help women find joy in themselves. To find whole-ness in who they are as an individual. To love themselves as they are and not need other people's affirmation of how wonderful they are.

That's how Warrior Woman Co. was created. So know that every product you see here was created by me to help women find joy in the things they love, not what society thinks they should enjoy. Swear up a storm (got a product for that), be the crazy cat lady (oh, got some things for that!), march in the streets with a pussy hat on (yep, got something for that, too).

So thank you for reading this, and thank you for visiting my site. I'm always open to new ideas and feedback, so email me at hello@warriorwomanco.com if you think I should add something to the store. Always glad to find new ideas.

And remember...you are awesome--just as you are!

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